Wingman Smart Energy - Cranberry (12-pack)
Wingman Smart Energy - Cranberry (12-pack)
Wingman Smart Energy - Cranberry (12-pack)
Wingman Smart Energy - Cranberry (12-pack)
Wingman Smart Energy - Cranberry (12-pack)
Wingman Smart Energy - Cranberry (12-pack)
Wingman Smart Energy - Cranberry (12-pack)

Wingman Smart Energy - Cranberry (12-pack)

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Cranberry and lime come together like a yummy cocktail crafted by the cleverest mixologist. This refreshing flavor will boost your energy levels and give maximum exercise capacity.

  • β›‘ IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: Increasing nitric oxide supports your immune system by increasing blood flow.

  • πŸ€“ BOOST COGNITION: Nootropics such as Cognizin and B Vitamins help sharpen the mind, boost creativity, memory and motivation.

  • ⚑️ NATURAL ENERGY 160mg natural caffeine kickstarts your body into action while ribose powers up ATP production for energy at the cellular level.

  • 🌱 LIGHT, CRISP, REFRESHING DRINK β€” Upgrade to Wingman when you've outgrown your energy drink. Natural flavors and sweeteners, 15 calories, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, low glycemic. Made in the USA.

  • πŸ’ͺ🏾 TAKE 10 YEARS OFF YOUR WORKOUT: Our proprietary blend of amino acids (L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, Taurine) boost nitric oxide, optimizing blood flow and increasing exercise capacity to maximize your workouts.

Good to know:Β for best results, consume 30 minutes prior to activities on an empty stomach.

Please note we are currently updating our packaging. The product you receive may look different than what is shown in the photograph but still contains the same nutrient packed goodness.✨

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Our proprietary blend of amino acids optimizes your body's natural production of nitric oxide - which is fondly called the miracle molecule for a reason! Read more about the science and numerous health benefits here.

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Rave Reviews

Great source of natural energy

I bought this product looking for a more natural energy source instead of sugar or chemicals. I hate the way other energy drinks make me feel, especially before and after working out. This product works great! Gives me energy without the jitters or crash an hour later. I also like the new variety pack so it doesn't feel like I'm drinking the same thing every day.

(P.S. - My girlfriend loves the cranberry with vodka and the tropical mango one with rum)


Good pre-workout without the usual energy drink jitters

I've been drinking this as a pre-workout and have definitely noticed improved performance. I did my fastest 5k this year after the first can.

It is also nice to have something that has natural ingredients and is not loaded up with sugar / chemicals. Tastes good too!

G. Fiedler


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