Our Founders

Kristin and Carl Schroeder have both had successful careers using their science and engineering talents for large corporations. Their shared passion for helping other people to live healthy led them to focus on the relatively unknown benefits of nitric oxide.

More about our Flight Captains

Our Colorado-based founders, Kristin and Carl, know a thing or two about adventure - they've been each other's co-pilots since their wedding in 1985. From navigating the chilly icebergs of Greenland, to deep sea fishing off the coast of Costa Rica, to shredding fresh powder in the Rocky Mountains, they understand the importance of having a Wingman by your side.

Their shared passion for the outdoors led them to develop Wingman Smart Energy after learning how nitric oxide, the "miracle molecule", could enhance their active lifestyle. Together, Carl and Kristin, combined forces to develop our proprietary blend of amino acids that optimize the body's natural production of nitric oxide. Backed by science, Wingman Smart Energy supports your immune system, heart, body, and mind to outlast life's adventures.


Heather Collins

Director of Marketing and Communications
// Storytelling Superstar

Heather helps generate buzz about Wingman to the press, online, and throughout the natural products community. Heather moves mountains to help bring Wingman to life every day. Her favorite Wingman variety is Very Berry (Manilow).

Katrin Schroeder

Creative Director
// Florentine Artist

Eldest daughter of our founders and body positive advocate, Katrin can be found flitting about the streets of Florence, Italy with gelato and paint brush in hand.

Cherie Jackson

Marketing Advisor
// Veggie Jedi

Cherie is our Chicago based marketing guru. This tender-hearted, brilliant Aussie also runs her own delicious business, Frooze Balls.

Marie Schroeder

Marketing + Strategy
// CO Cowgirl

Youngest daughter of our founders and multi-talented marketing genius, this quick-witted double taurus can be found exploring the natural wonders of Colorado.

Richard Collins, MD

Science Advisor
// The Cooking Cardiologist©

A leading authority and spokesperson in preventative medicine, Dr. Collins’ specialty is whipping up innovative heart-healthy recipes and explaining the complex science of the human body in a way that is easy to understand.

Sir Macallan

Flight attendant
// TSA security

'Mac' provides support to the rest of the crew (primarily through snuggles), and is an expert at detecting and confiscating hidden items (mainly tasty ones).

Aviator Advisors

Alan Murray

CEO NextFoods Inc. and former President of TetraPak North America

Don Kremin

Former Group Vice President Specialty Foods at Hormel Foods

Mike Pickett

President Flavor Insights

We 💚 the planet

Wingman Smart Energy was created to give you naturally sustained energy and we would like Earth to sustain as well. We have a responsibility to preserve, protect, and celebrate this beautiful place we call home. Wingman is a proud member of 1% For The Planet and is committed to giving 1% of all revenues to efforts that help sustain the Earth.