Wingman is a functional beverage that goes well beyond energy. It is a well-researched, accessible beverage that increases well-being and quality of life by supporting health.

The most important aspect of Wingman is that it boosts the production of Nitric Oxide, a molecule naturally found in our body that is essential for optimal performance.

It was coined “The Miracle Molecule” by the Nobel Prize-winning chemists responsible for its discovery, because it increases blood flow, allowing for more oxygen to be distributed in our bodies. It enhances vital functions like heart capacity, increasing our stamina and making us feel stronger; it also supports our immune system, helping us stay healthy for longer.

It’s especially useful for people who are over 30 years old, when the body’s natural production of Nitric Oxide starts to decline. No other beverages provide this benefit, that’s why we felt it is important to share these life-improving properties with others.

Wingman is a nootropic as well, since it contains citicoline, another important benefit that makes the mind sharper, improving motivation, focus and creativity.

Wingman does increase energy, since it has a moderate amount of natural caffeine in the form of green tea extract, but more importantly, as mentioned above, it supports performance, stamina and strength by boosting Nitric Oxide in our bodies. In other words, it will enhance and provide a boost without the usual caffeine jitters that energy drinks create. Wingman is the future in performance beverages, for people who want to elevate their functional beverage experience by enjoying a multitude of additional benefits.

In short, Wingman is not an energy drink. It is a unique functional beverage that will help you crush your goals any given day. Increase your stamina, support your immune system and sharpen your mind. Take a sip and never look back.

Nitric oxide production begins to decline around the age of 35 for most people. With that being said, it is hard to determine what someone's natural nitric oxide production is based on their appearance alone. We know people as young as their early 20s who have benefited from Wingman.

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