When The Little Blue Pill Fails to Score, Wingman Rises to the Occasion!

When the little blue pill fails to score, Wingman rises to the occasion

By Dr. Richard E. Collins, M.D., The Cooking Cardiologist, and Science Advisor Moonlight Beverage Company 

Scoring on and off the field with the little blue pill is making headlines this week after Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen received non-medical advice to take Viagra to combat frigid temperatures during last weekend's game against the New England Patriots. How Allen performs this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs is still up for grab.

What appeared to be in good fun, Sports Anchor and former NFL football player Bart Scott indicated on ESPN’s "Get Up" Thursday (no pun intended) that Allen should pop the blue pill before the game to help with circulation. Scott admitted on-air that he took Viagra before games, which he claims helped him on the field.

It makes sense for football players who endure bitter weather to look for ways to stay warm. Simply put, cold temperatures cause the arteries to constrict, and heat then gets transferred to the inner aspect of the body.

However, where Scott and the drug company fell flat is that nitric oxide is the 'miracle molecule' that actually provides the body with vasodilation that helps with circulation and gets the blood pumping.

There are several drugs on the market that can help dilate arteries, even some that are ‘Viagra-like.’ Instead of the little blue pill, I recommend that Scott and other professional athletes look at the proper building blocks in functional beverages like Wingman Smart Energy.

Wingman Smart Energy has the proper combination of ingredients that serve as a vasodilator and improves lung capacity, especially in cold weather. That’s because Wingman creates and replenishes nitric oxide in the body through L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Taurine - the powerful amino acids that enhance stamina and performance. That’s the magic sauce the NFL football teams will need to get them through this playoff weekend.

Bottom line, Wingman will improve circulation and warm up those cold feet and hands, whether you’re suiting up for the game or tailgating beforehand. Grab a few Wingman before you head out in the cold – your body and toes will thank you.

 When the Little Blue Pill Fails to Score Wingman Rises to the Occasion

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