New Year’s Resolutions are So Last Year! Go the Extra Mile with Wingman Smart Energy

Katie B Denver Denver Cycling instructor

Photo credit: Katie Dawn Brantley from Instagram.

By Katie Dawn Brantley, Certified Master Fitness Trainer

 Right about now, we’ve hit the 3-week mark when most people slide away from their New Year’s goals.

Instead of resolutions, I recommend leaning into the space that helps you be the best you. It’s all about what makes you feel good to live a life with vitality.

I know first-hand that it's not easy to balance work while being a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a friend, and most importantly, trying to find time to be good to ourselves.

With all this running around, it’s no wonder we are tired all the time.

That's why I wanted to share with the Wingman Smart Energy community and fans that it's okay to pause, it's okay to go slow when you think you should go fast, and it's okay to rest. In fact, a healthy body needs rest to move and groove!

And when I must be on my A-game while teaching a class at Cycle Bar or training a new instructor, the amino acids found Wingman Smart Energy provides me with the boost my body needs.

In fact, on days when my energy level isn’t high, I turn to my favorite magical variety – Unicorn - before each class.

When you think you need that extra cup of coffee in the middle of your day, reach for a Wingman instead and see your energy take off!

See you on the bike! Pssst, visit the Wingman store page and save 20%!

Katie Brantley started her fitness career teaching group classes such as hip-hop, step, and cardio kickboxing. She decided one day to brave the unknown and take an indoor cycling class. She was hooked after her first class. Today, indoor cycling is her favorite format to teach because it’s a
party on a bike! Katie wants her riders to leave her classes as the strongest, healthiest, most confident versions of themselves. @katiedawnbrantley

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