Heading to the Mountains? Don’t forget your Wingman! Top Reasons Why You Need Nitric Oxide on the Hill

Skiers in powder at Banff with mountains in the horizon

By Dr. Richard E. Collins, The Cooking Cardiologist and Science Advisor, Moonlight Beverage Co

If you’re fortunate to live near the mountains or enjoy outdoor winter adventures, this might sound familiar when packing up the car:

Skis, Snowboard and Hemet? Check.
Sunscreen, Sunglasses, and Hiking Boots? Check.
High-Altitude Hydration? Check…wait, what?

Even though it’s nice to hit the slopes before everyone else, flatlanders (those who live near sea level), need to acclimate slowly to higher elevations. That’s why I always remind people to hydrate along the way, as it is key to keeping altitude sickness at bay.

This is especially true when you head out into frigid winter weather, as no one wants to be shaking and trembling to stay warm because of dehydration. Cold temperatures cause the arteries to constrict, which reduces circulation to extremities and transfers heat to the inner aspect of the body.

Wingman’s patented blend of amino acids helps expand the blood vessels and gets everything pumping, which helps keep you warm from the inside out. In fact, Wingman Smart Energy conducted a study that confirms the functional beverage’s properties significantly improves blood oxygen levels during exercise.

This means more stamina at higher altitudes and more turns on the slopes in colder weather. Wingman is like a breath of fresh air for your circulation. Think of it as your ‘conquer-the-hill’ sidekick that will give your body the nitric oxide boost it needs.

Will Wingman make you soar in the air like Japan’s Snowboard Olympic Gold Medalist Ayumu Hirano? Probably not, but Wingman’s three amino acids – L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Taurine are the building blocks that help improve lung dynamics and increase performance when you are playing or training in the mountains.

So, before the Olympic torch is out on the Winter Games, give Wingman a try next time you head up the hill!

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