Boosting Holiday Spirits with Nitric Oxide

By Dr. Richard E. Collins, The Cooking Cardiologist and Science Advisor Moonlight Beverage, Inc.

Busy travel schedules, shopping to-do lists, and office parties prove that people are happily gathering in person again. But with that joy comes the risk of compromised immune systems, the fear of contracting Covid-19, and other seasonal illnesses.

Indeed, these are challenging times, and everybody is being pushed emotionally and physically. That's why the time is now to keep the immune system tuned up by increasing stamina and maintaining primed circulation to the lungs, heart, muscles, and brain.

Wingman Smart Energy ® gives your body the natural building blocks it needs to restore and improve endurance and circulation to help keep you in balance this holiday season simply by increasing nitric oxide levels.

Nitric What... ?

Nitric oxide is a naturally occurring molecule that the body creates on its own. As humans age, nitric oxide levels become depleted, which sometimes makes people feel less motivated to move and groove. What was once an easy and fun task, like going for a walk or running errands, becomes a burden. Three essential amino acids, L-arginine, L-citrulline, and Taurine, are the main
components that help the body create nitric oxide. Wingman Smart Energy ® has made it easy and tasty to boost nitric oxide levels through the power of its patented amino acid blend.

Say Y-E-S to N=O

The artery lining, known as the endothelium, releases nitric oxide (N=O) and dilates and expands the arteries. As nitric oxide levels increase, the body will perform longer and with more vitality. And the benefits of nitric oxide are endless – from increased exercise capacity, immune support, vasodilation for high altitude relief, nitric oxide truly lives up to its ‘miracle molecule’ title.
Wingman Smart Energy is a refreshing way to stay hydrated and keep the immune system in check while improving blood flow to the muscles, which pumps more oxygen to the arteries. Happy arteries equal a happy heart.
Wrap those gifts and tie that bow, because with a bit more stamina, the holidays could be a bit brighter and lighter with a Wingman by your side!

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