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with Wingman

Wingman's got your back through all of life's adventures.

When you've outgrown your energy drink...

Elevate your performance with Wingman Smart Energy™, formulated with authentic functional ingredients to support your immune system, heart, body and mind.

Heart leaf icon indicating Wingman Smart Energy is NON-GMO, vegan, and gluten free.

Functional, non-GMO, vegan, gluten free ingredients and low sugar

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No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors

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Made in the USA

for a competitive edge

In the gym
— Optimal performance —

On the trail
— Natural Energy —

On the job
— Sharper Cognition —

More reasons to choose a nitric oxide booster as your wingman

Immune system support
Brain health
Cardiovascular health
Supports blood oxygen
Increases exercise capacity
Regulates hormones & digestive enzymes
High altitude relief

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Could you benefit from Wingman?

⛑ I want to support my immune system and heart health.
⚡️ I often need a kickstart to power through workouts or beat an afternoon slump.
💪🏾 I want to elevate my athletic performance to gain a competitive edge.
🌱 I have outgrown other energy drinks and am ready to upgrade to natural, authentic ingredients.
🧠 I regularly experience cognitive slowness, forgetfulness, or reduced motivation.
✈️ I suffer from travel fatigue and/or spend time at high altitudes.

Surprise! If you answered “yes” to any of the above, we recommend you add Wingman Smart Energy to your daily routine.

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Air mail from Frequent Flyers

A wonderful and healthy energy drink!

This is a great energy drink that combines good things to put in your body. I use it before I go on a hike or a workout of any sort. Especially living at altitude the blend of amino acids and how it helps with blood flow is simply a natural way an energy drink should work. It came so quickly once I ordered it and I love the citrus! Also great with a little vodka for a little cocktail! Looking forward to ordering the other flavors!

Kimberly Welsh

Fantastic Energy

I absolutely love this variety pack. For starters, the flavor isn't overbearing. It provides the perfect hint of mango, berry, lime, mint, etc.

Second, it's an awesome source of energy. I've taken several of them on an empty stomach (as it advises), and have had fulfilling workouts as a result. An added benefit of these is that you don't feel the caffeine jitters like you do in most energy drinks and pre-workout supplements.

Lastly, I'm a big fan of the low calorie count. It's a great alternative as opposed to Gatorade/Powerade and is also gluten free.

I'm excited to try additional flavors!


Good pre-workout without the usual energy drink jitters

I've been drinking this as a pre-workout and have definitely noticed improved performance. I did my fastest 5K this year after the first can.

It is also nice to have something that has natural ingredients and is not loaded up with sugar / chemicals. Tastes good too!

G. Fiedler


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